Friday, June 20, 2014

Becoming a Bike Lady

The new bike, in her element. 

I have found a new obsession. I fought a used racing bike off of Norway's version of craigslist ( and am now completely hooked.


Within three weeks of taking my first spin on the fuji (a brutal 52km that I am still mad at my coworker about), I had accomplished my first 100km ride. And I've decided that this is the sport for me. I love the long rides, seeing the countryside, pushing my limits, climbing the hills. Who knew that I was bike lady?

The top of a hill, a view earned. 

And because nothing is worth doing if not done all the way, I will be riding in my first long-distance cycling race in a week and a half. 134km from Gjøvik to Oslo, which is actually one of the shorter legs of the Trondheim to Oslo Styrkeprøven race.

The Reward. 

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