Saturday, April 20, 2013

Settling in and making a home

I've been expectantly slow at blogging - the last few weeks have been busy both at work and at home as I settle into my new job and get my home in order. My things arrived nearly two weeks ago and my Vespa just got all the needed registration, so I'm finally feeling like I am home. I have a few odds and ends to collect to fill up the space, but so far I think it's looking pretty good :-)

Main Living Room - Before
Main Living Room - After
My Fabripod lamp
I filled the living room with my large Ikea expedit shelf, my family hand me down arm chair/footstool, and a craigslist coffee coffee table from DC. I added an Ikea Monstad sofa with a new cover from Bemz (which is the most fantastic place to get perfectly fitted covers specially made for Ikea furniture, seriously their beautiful fabrics make me want to buy more Ikea furniture). It's hard to see, but the pattern is actually this one. I bought the multi-system TV before leaving DC and the TV stand I inherited from my sister. Oh, and I nearly forgot the piece de resistance, my lampshade. I ordered the lampshade from Fab (I'm addicted, it's actually a good thing that they don't ship to DPO addresses). The maker is called Fabripod and it comes in a box of small wooded pieces that you have to assemble, and I'm absolutely in love with the result. 
Study/Office - Before
Study/Office - After
I still haven't figured out what to call this room other than my second living room. I think study is more accurate, and just sounds fancier. I used my old couch and loveseat in here (meaning guests will sleep in the TV room on the fold-out sofa) and made an office space next to the windows and balcony. Some great Kandinsky prints that I picked up for pennies at Goodwill next to FSI are perfect on the walls. The huge map is a former classroom map that I ordered off of Etsy.

The kitchen was definitely my biggest challenge because it is just so huge! Talk about first world problems, but I was really glad that I ordered the kitchen island from World Market before I moved, but even with that I'm struggling to fill the space. My little set of table and chairs that I got off craigslist and refinished are great, but could be double the size with little problem. I replaced the worlds ugliest lamp shade with an steel reclaimed shade from etsy and added another pendant light over the counter. I made a gigantic clock out of wall decal stickers and clock hands.

My bedroom and closet haven't changed all that much, still working to personalize those areas (including refinishing an old mid-century dresser that I've been dragging around since college). I'm also tackling a small balcony garden, which is a slow process because spring is just barely arriving and every huge bag of soil has to be dragged up to the 4th floor. But it will all come together in time for the coming long Norwegian summer days.

Bella at the flea market (acquired mirror in basket)
Ruby enjoying having her own furniture

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