Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A few days in Copenhagen

Easter in Scandinavia is a big deal. For a week and a half or more, the whole country pretty much shuts down and heads up to their cabin or to Spain or something. Because it would be pointless to try and work when NO ONE is in Oslo, the Embassy also closes for a good chunk of this, meaning a 6-day weekend for me. Instead of sitting around in my apartment or wandering around the empty city, I decided to try out a piece of local culture by taking the boat to Copenhagen.

Norwegians don't get on a boat to their southern neighbor because they are nostalgic about the nearly 300 years of Danish rule. Nope, they get on a boat to Denmark for pretty much one booze. I knew this going in, and while I had no desire to participate in the seafaring drunkenness, I figured observing it would be good sport. Plus I was hoping to partake in some shopping while in the much cheaper Copenhagen. Turns out the shopping was a bust because Denmark was as closed down as Norway, but I did have a nice cruise and got to try some tasty Danish beer. Here are some pics of the  quick trip.

The ship at port in Oslo.

My humble abode. 

Enjoying a beer in the sun before setting sail.

Oslo from the sea

Inside a tower in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Canals

A bike rests on an urban wall.

The little mermaid in the snow.

Danish Flag at the Castellet.

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