Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week one (and two) in review

I meant to send an update this past weekend, but already it's Wednesday, and here my draft sits. Maybe it's because I don't think it's so interesting to talk about work, and after work hasn't been all that exciting.  But I have internet, so now I have no excuses. I also need to take more pictures around Oslo, but it's been really cold (15 degrees F this morning) so taking my gloves off while outside is not all that appealing. Before going into some general updates from my first few days at work, a couple of recommendations to my first self after nearly 2 weeks away from DC.

First, 250 pounds is way more than I thought. My air baggage, or UAB, was able to hold a lot more than I thought and I wish I had better planned for what to put in. It didn't help that they moving company surveyor terribly misestimated, but in the end I was able to fit nearly all my linens, shoes, and winter clothes in it with room for miscellaneous things like shampoo, conditioner, contact fluid, some kitchen stuff like a good knife and my coffee press. I wish I had put in more stuff for the cat, like the cardboard scratching board she loves and her nail clippers to preserve the embassy issued furniture. A little more cat food would have been good too. I could use more shelving, so I'm thinking that some cheap wire shelves like these would have been super handy for settling in. Also, I'm really missing my wine glasses (see below).

Second, I should have tried to see more people before I left. I was so tired from language training, then the language test, then the pack-out, that had my most wonderful friend not planned a happy hour for me, I probably wouldn't have seen anyone at all. Thankfully she did and I got to see more people, but now that I'm staring at my empty walls in my beautiful but empty apartment, I realize how important my friends are to me. I know that I will be getting tons of visits, but doing more personal goodbyes would have been a good use of my time.

Loving life, but in need of a wine glass. 

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