Sunday, March 17, 2013

Modern Norway

The U.S. Embassy in Oslo has had a few well-known employees in it's past, with our current Secretary of State's father being the most talked about in recent weeks. Secretary Kerry only spent vacations and summers in Oslo, since he was in high school in France at the time, but recently made waves at a joint press conference with the Norwegian Foreign Minister by pulling out some of his Norwegian. Remarks here and youtube video below.

But probably less well-known was that Julia Child also spent some time here in Oslo. Her husband was the Cultural Affairs Officer in the very building where I work today, and she spent the years of final drafting for her cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, in Oslo. She also taught cooking classes to the embassy wives (because in those days there were no female officers). The quote below was published in our newsletter, and while it's 53 years old, it perfectly captures modern Norway, where Sundays, holidays, and nearly the entire summer are reserved for outdoor and family time. 

So since it's Sunday, I'm off for a sondags tur (Sunday walk/hike).

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