Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm alive! And connected to the internet!!

I have arrived in Norway safe and sound. The flights went just fine, and me and the cat arrived without zero incidents, met by wonderful sponsors from the Embassy. If only it will always be so easy, but I know better than that.

Moving to a new place is always a challenge. Finding a grocery store, getting to know the public transportation, and getting connected to the world back home. I'm an iphone, twitter, facebook addict, so getting my phone and internet up and running was priority one upon arrival. Thankfully, I'm nearly there!

After almost a full week in Oslo, I got my home wifi running and my iphone has a norwegian sim card in it. As one would expect, things run pretty smoothly here, but things are so well connected that it is nearly impossible to get a phone contract, reload a sim card, or get an internet account without a Norwegian bank account. And of course it takes a week or so for that to get processed, so it all just took a little time to fall into place. Some forced disconnection was probably good for me in theory, but mostly it was lonely and boring so I'm pretty glad it's over.

Other than trying to get a normal life established, I've been loving it here! My apartment is amazing, my colleagues are great, the work is interesting, and Norway is a beautiful place to live. Yes, things are shockingly expensive ($24 for vegetarian thai curry for lunch), but it's a privilege to me here and I keep pinching myself at how lucky I am.

Ruby is settling in just fine

Sunrise from my living room

Enjoying the sun at Aker Brygge

A view of Akerkshus across the harbour

Using wifi at Litteraturhuset with a view of the Slottspark (palace garden).

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