Monday, March 25, 2013

Hiking in Oslo

These pictures are from last weekend, but I wanted to show that it is still very much winter here. My camera lens was a little foggy from coming in and out of my pocket. The walk/hike was a good one, but crazy slippery. From my apartment its about a mile walk along the fjord to Bygdøy Island. Bygdøy is home to many of the city's museums along with the Royal Family's official farm. 

I slipped along for several miles, realizing along the way that my snow boots were way too heavy to be walking so far. I really can't wait until my full shipment arrives, then I'll have proper hiking clothing and the weather will be a little better. 

Boat to Denmark

A foggy view back towards Oslo

The trail - pure ice covered by powder. 

A mini-castle in the woods

A trail that has been cleared and graveled.

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