Saturday, February 16, 2013


Looking around my apartment you wouldn't guess that in a matter of weeks/days the whole thing will be packed-up and on it's way across the Atlantic. I've taked pictures off the walls and most of the rugs are washed and put away, but other than that it looks pretty much like it's looked for the past 2 years. That's the nice thing about the whole professional movers business, they do everything for you, a wholly new concept to this self-moving vagabond. And while I've been doing some thorough cleaning and ridding of extra stuff, I've also acquired a few new fun things to make my Oslo home, home.

After seeing the pics of my amazing new apartment, I realized that my tiny DC 1-bedroom amount of stuff was going to be swimming in a spacious 2-bedroom. I bought a new, slightly bigger TV that actually works in Europe and a huge kitchen island to break-up the space. I also couldn't resist a Goodwill run, where I found a "blanket rack" that I painted white for the end of my bed and 2 huge modern art prints to go on my walls. It will be something of a transition to go from basement height where I graze the ceilings during yoga to ceilings that I dare not touch from even a ladder. I also finally finished "finishing" a set of craigslist table/chairs that picked up a while back. Originally the set, which I love for it's pull-out table extensions, was an brownish-orangish stain. I stripped the table and 2 chairs and painted the bottom white and finished the rest with a soft oil. The other 2 chairs I painted completely white. I wish I had a before pic, since this is my first big DIY, but I love how they turned out.

But in between all the organizing, packing, and craftiness, is my looming language test. This weekend is devoted to reading and vocab review in preparation for my test on Friday (ahhh!). I feel confident with the language, but as with any test, a little anxiety is inevitable.

DIY complete - mix and match kitchen set

Goodwill blanket rack - $10

Gratuitous picture of Ruby enjoying the sun.

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