Saturday, February 23, 2013


That's the score from my language test yesterday, which means I passed! I guess in a dream world it would have been cool to get a plus on one of those numbers, but in this world learning a language in 6 months is quite the feat, even if you have a head start like I did.

A 3/3 means that I'm capable of handling all kinds of situations without sounding like a complete idiot. More details on the scale that State Department uses and what a level three means can be found here -

Because I am junior officer and didn't come in with a language, I was on "language probation." This means that in order to be tenured, I had to learn a foreign language and pass the final exam. So if I hadn't passed my test yesterday I would have had to call my boss and the moving company and extend my stay here in DC. That would have been terrible and I'm glad that I didn't have to go through that process. So now I'm cleared to fly here in just a few days, but not before I deal with the movers coming on Monday to empty my apartment. This weekend will be spent sorting my belongings into piles for suitcase, storage, air baggage (known as UAB), and household effects (HHE). 

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