Friday, January 18, 2013


I have about 40 days until the big move. At the same time that is both plenty of time and a frighteningly short period. Between now and getting on my first one-way flight as a diplomat I have a long list of to-dos. Unwritten on that list is passing my language exam. I'm not at all worried about it, but passing one test in order to be able to travel is a lot of pressure. Also to-do is organizing and sorting all of my belongings into various piles: large shipment, air baggage, put into storage, goes on the plane with me, and gets donated/trashed.

My cat, Ruby, falls into the "goes on the plane with me" category, so we've begun kitty flying practice. She is already pretty comfortable wearing a harness and I've been putting into her carrier for a few minutes each time before she gets feed. Now she happily goes into on her own, though 12 hours of travel time is a whole other ball game.

I feel pretty on top of all the other things, which was helped by getting my housing assignment this week! I realize that any apartment that I would have received would have been wonderful, but this one sounds perfect for me. Near the embassy in a very walkable area and in an older restored "bygård" or city-style apartment building with older features like wood floors, fire places, and built-ins. Compared to my current basement 1-bedroom, I'm mostly just thrilled at the prospect of ceilings that are taller than 7 feet.

The list staring at me from my desk. 

Ruby practicing

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