Thursday, December 13, 2012

Den Første Dagen: Munch Kafe

I have arrived in Oslo, safe and sound. The flights were uneventful and surprisingly comfortable, with a full row in economy plus to myself on the Newark to Oslo non-stop. After the successful purchase of a Norwegian SIM card for my iphone and getting into the city, the rest of the day was spent relaxing at the Munch Museum. The owner of the very nice cafe there is a friend of our teacher's, so we received the royal treatment and enjoyed a nice tour around the exhibits. Yesterday was the 149th birthday of Edvard Munch, so we missed the big party, but the museum itself is cozy.

Now I'm relaxing at my host family's apartment just a little outside of the city, enjoying the spectacular views of the city lights along the Oslo Fjord. Tomorrow is a full day, with a company visit, formal class, pepperkakker baking, and a tradition Julebord ("Christmas Table") at the Embassy in the evening. Oh, and everything is in Norwegian.

Kafe og Kaffe


Skrik (The Scream)!

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