Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 7: Making News

A Panorama of Oslo Fjord from Akershus

Our last full day in Oslo was a busy one. We started out with a tour of NRK, the state-backed media outfit in Norway that is akin to BBC, with several TV stations and radio networks. Something like 2/3 of all Norwegians turn into the nightly Dagsrevyen (Daily Review). We were met and toured around the station by one of the producers of the daily news and weekly debate program. We were let right into the control center, where the directors, producers, and news hosts were busy making periodic updates from an ongoing hearing at the Parliament (where we were the day before). Turns out one of the more important parliament advisers was being accused by the opposition of corruption (favoring his friends when appointing different positions in the government).

We watched them cutting between live feeds from the Storting and in-studio analysis being done by their major evening news host, Norway's version of Brian Williams. After he did his on-TV work, he came over and chatted with our group for a bit, and invited us into the back of the little studio while he did the next update. If you have ever seen the HBO program News Night, this is exactly what it looked like, but all in another language. I was having so much fun understanding the producer's directions to the remote anchor and the in-studio host. They let me put on headphones and sit at the control desk while they made live TV on Norway's biggest and most watched station. I had a blast!

After NRK we met down in "gammel Christiania" which is one of the older sections of Oslo. It is made up a small quarter of buildings next to the military fort, Akershus Festning. The buildings at Akershus were all from around 1200 and 1300, with plenty of history from WW II during Nazi occupation as well. After the tour (and nearly breaking our necks on the inch of ice of that had coated most of the city), we made our way to our final happy hour. As a thanks to everyone who had hosted us and helped us during our week, we organized a sammenkomst (gathering) at an amazing beer celler in an up and coming neighborhood. The beer was amazing and not absurdly expensive (which comes to about $12 a pint in Oslo prices). I was sad to close out a whirlwind week, but with only 2 months left before I make the move, I have plenty to be excited about.

Downtown Oslo at dusk (3:30pm) with the Holmenkollen Ski jump up on the hill

A Ferry coming into the Harbor - reminded me of Seattle 

The view of Aker Brygge and to the far left, the new Astrup Fearnley Museum I visited a few nights earlier

The tower of the Akershus Chapel

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