Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 6: Politics and (attempts at Norwegian) Prose

Tuesday was all about politics. We were very fortunate to be able to visit the Norwegian Parliament, Stortinget (which literal means the big thing) for a personal tour of the building and a meeting with the second in command (nesteleder) for the largest opposition party, Høyre. The level of access we have had to really important people here, and their enthusiasm and patience with our language learning has been surprising and wonderful.

[Our days are all completely in Norwegian, whether the discussion is about party politics or the Nobel Peace Prize. My compression has grown immensely in just these few short days.]

After the Storting, we went to the Oslo Rådhuset (city hall) for another tour and a discussion with one of the members of the city council. While standing in one of the hallways the Mayor (ordfører) walked by and stopped to talk with us. He told us about when President Obama took over his office when he came to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. The Radhuset is the site of the yearly Peace Prize ceremonies, so has had it's share of really important people passing through.

View from Stortinget up Karl Johan's Gate to the Slottet (palace)

The floor of parliament in action (not much going on, but having watched our congress before, this was no surprise)

The outside of the Rådhuset

Murals in the main hall

The main hall of the Rådhuset ready for a Christmas dinner later

One of the many Nationalist murals throughout the Rådhuset. This one depicts a scene from a Norwegian fairy tale
(I think being a queen riding on the back of a bear with two princes vying for your attention doesn't sound horrible).

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