Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 3: Mixed Feelings

It's weird being in another country when tragedy strikes your homeland. But it's also a good chance to see the events through the eyes of another culture. Given Norway's own very personal experience with a tragic act of murder against children just last July, I have of course been having lots of conversations about Friday's events and receiving much sympathy from the Norwegians I've met. Their news coverage has been especially interesting, with no mention of the killer's name and no pictures. This is something they as a country decided on after the media attention towards the perpetrator of last summer's attacks here in Oslo. So I don't know his name and I couldn't tell you what he looks like. But I have been reading stories of sadness and heroism at the school.


Other than absorbing the news, yesterday was a low-key day out with my host-family. We drove over to Bygdøy, an island just across from the city center. They keep their sailboat there in the winter so I got to check out the harbor views before going on a little hike on the island. Afterwards we went up to Holmenkolmen, the big ski jump that is on a hill overlooking the city. Snow was falling and the kids were out at the sledding hill. We enjoyed hot cocoa and pastries in a quaint little lodge before heading back home. Later a couple friends of their's came over for dinner and a lovely evening of food, conversation, and wine was enjoyed. Again, all of this in Norwegian, which has definitely stretched me but is building my speaking confidence quicker than I expected.

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