Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 2: hadde det travelt (busy day)

Technically it's now Day 3, but here is a bit from yesterday. We started early with a visit to the largest IT firm in Norway, then on to my first visit to the US Embassy in Oslo for a little bit of formal training. I realized later that it was in fact my first visit to any US Embassy anywhere in the world. Very fitting. After that we walked over to the house of a friend of our teacher's to learn about Norwegian holiday traditions, which consisted mostly of drinking mulled wine (gløgg) and eating Lucia rolls (boler). After many glasses of gløgg, we changed into fancier clothes and walked back to the Embassy for their Julebord (Christmas celebration). We ate traditional food such as pinnekjøtt (dried, salted lamb ribs) and a kohlrabi mash that was not my thing at all. But the wine (a white from WA state of course) and aquavit were flowing. I think the celebrations continued long after I left, but I needed sleep and to make it back to my host families house all by myself.

8:30am in Oslo, the sun is an hour or still away from being up

Traditional Clothing - Bunad (if you need a way to drop $1500)

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