Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas back home

Last week was a flurry of holiday activity. I left Oslo on the day that many thought would be the end of the world and I managed to make that day last 9 hours longer thanks to the miracle of westward travel. After 22 hours of transiting, and despite some typical plane delays, the world did not end and I made it home. And as someone who spent 2 years living in a Maya village I was of course not worried that the world would end and had become a little tired of explaining that the Maya calendar is in fact round, so there is no end, and if anyone was curious about it they should bother to ask the real, live, Maya people that are living in Central America today.

Okay, with that apocalypse rant over with, back to the Christmas Season. Being home, as always, was busy and wonderful. I love spending time with my family, even if being surrounded by a house full of kids around the clock is a little bit more draining than usual. This year our celebrations were fairly low-key, but almost all the same traditions lived on despite my mom being laid up with a cast on her foot (not that really stopped her). The highlight was definitely getting to spend time with my 3 lovely nieces and my 2-year old nephew. The girls, all 9 years old now, built a great snow fort in the front lawn and made some fabulous norwegian krumkake. My nephew mostly just ran circles around everyone while showing off his impressive vocabulary (the best was when he told me, "just a minute, auntie!" when I asked for a hug).

Now I'm in Seattle catching up on some homework at a typical little coffee shop and waiting for the new year celebrations to begin.

Snow fort building

yummy krumkake!

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