Wednesday, November 21, 2012

veggen (the wall)

It turns out that despite having studied Norwegian for 5 semesters in college, I am still subject to the well-known "language-learning wall." After my first evaluation I was feeling pretty confident, but the last couple of weeks have exhausted me. I know I am progressing, but the number of words I feel that I should be learning is increasing exponentially and my ability to remember these words seems to be decreasing. I'm sure it's in my head, but I've definitely upped the time I spend on vocab and reading.

My final test isn't until the end of February, but the thought of speaking nearly fluently has me a little stressed. I can understand so much of what I hear and read, but getting words out of my mouth correctly and smoothly is still sometimes a struggle. I'm thankful for the week-long immersion trip we have coming up in December which I need much more than I had expected when I started this course. It is definitely a privilege to be learning a language full-time, but it certainly isn't easy.

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