Monday, November 26, 2012

tusen takk

[Oops - meant to hit publish a few days ago on this one]

"A Thousand Thanks"

After complaining a little bit in my last post about language training, I now turn my focus to how unbelievably fortunate I am. When I look back at all the amazing adventures I've had, all the wonderful opportunities I've been granted, and think about all my loving friends and family, I can hardly believe how awesome my life is. And now I am embarking on what might be the most amazing job in the world (in my book anyways), so it just keeps getting better.

My progression from a wide-eyed and idealist college kid to AmeriCorps volunteer to less wide-eyed but no less idealist Masters student to Peace Corps volunteer to DC bureaucrat to foreign service officer has been quite the ride. I've had a few bumps along the way, but from where I sit, things couldn't have turned out more perfectly.

On Thanksgiving day I ate turkey, potatoes, cranberries, and pie (oh...the pie....) with old friends and new one acquaintances, enjoying the meal and company immensely. Next year in Oslo I get to start up my old tradition of Thanksgivings abroad again, which originates partially from my first adventure in Scandinavia that ended in a fish and chip Thanksgiving dinner at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

So in addition to great friends and family and general life happiness, I am thankful for many things big and small. Here is a sample:

* my little basement apartment that is so cozy and fits me so perfectly.
* a snuggly cat to greet me when I get home everyday
* the ability to cook (not too shabbily) decent meals for myself
* tons of fun restaurants and bars within walking or metro distance (for when the cooking just isn't going to happen)
* the National Zoo within throwing distance and the sounds of lions begging for dinner in the evenings
* a beautiful historic neighborhood to walk through everyday

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