Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane/Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy

I'm dry, warm, and surrounded by functioning electronic devices. So I count myself fortunate after the last couple of days of weather chaos. Here in the DC area we escaped the worst of the storm, but I still know plenty of people who lost power or had water make its way into their homes. I feel especially lucky because I've had some flooding problems in the past, but the slow steady rain of Sandy didn't manage to overwhelm my drains and creep into my apartment.

Today and yesterday the city was all but shut down. The Federal Government and Metro trains and buses were closed. This kept pretty much everyone at home, myself included. Yesterday I stayed inside the entire day, making all kinds of soup and catching up on some magazine reading. I also watched WAY too much cable news coverage of the weather. This morning when I woke up to another "storm" day off from work, I knew I needed to get outside. The rain and winds had pretty much passed, so I rain-geared up and headed down to Rock Creek Park to inspect the damage. The creek itself was pretty high, but not as bad as I thought it would be. And there were fewer trees down in the neighborhood than after the Derecho storm of a few months ago.

Boots and Leaves

A Curve in Rock Creek

A Very High Creek

Wishful Thinking

Pierce Mill Overflowing


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