Friday, October 26, 2012

Civic Duty: Part I

I Voted Today.  This sentence gets more capitals because it is such an important thing to do. I vote absentee in the state of Washington, which is my official residence now that I will soon be living all over the world, and the WA ballot was chock full of all sorts of really important issues. My mom received my ballot and immediately put it in the mail to me (I may have sent her 5 or so text messages about...I'm kind of stressed about this election). And this afternoon, I did some internet research and filled in my little bubbles. Gay marriage, debt limits, legalizing marijuana. These are some pretty big issues and I wanted to make sure I was educated before making my choice.

All elections matter to everyone. But this election feels especially real to me since I will be the face of America in Norway and elsewhere, and my job is to represent the policies and work of the President of the United States. It doesn't matter whether I agree personally with my boss, I swore an oath to work for the U.S.A. and that is exactly what I will do. That being said, I do take many of the things we work on overseas very personally, so I of course have strong opinions on what kinds of views I would like to represent.

It was a beautiful fall day in DC to drop my ballet off, and now I feel some relief that my first civic duty of November is complete. Coming up on November 15, I will be reporting for jury duty (sigh), so be on the lookout for Civic Duty: Part II.

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