Tuesday, September 11, 2012


After a full week of Norwegian language class (norskkurs), I can happily report that I'm absolutely loving it. In total, the class if made up of 4 very enthusiastic language learners/future colleagues, and it's been so much fun to see just how much of the language I remember. So far things have been easy, but I can see that the pace of the course is fast enough that I will soon be in new territory. I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to spend 6+ hours a day fully devoted to language study. It's such an amazing gift and a major perk of this pretty awesome career.

The past couple of weekends I was also lucky enough to have my friends' car while they traveled back out west. This meant getting down to the beach and taking in some polo. Ahhh, the freedom of transportation!

Beach Scene: North Beach, Maryland 

Walking along the beach in Southern Maryland

Polo Ponies


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