Monday, September 24, 2012

Alt for Norge

Three weeks into language training and my brain is starting to feel the burn. And even though I had the good fortune of a head start given my previous study of Norwegian, the pace we go is quite brisk. That being said, I'm still loving it and have no complaints about being a full-time student.

One great side effect of being immersed in all things Norwegian is that I've connected more with at least one small part of my ancestral heritage.  Like most Americans, my great grandparents came from all over the world to seek a new life here in the USA and I enjoy affiliating with the "old world" part of my heritage. Growing up, Norway was the dominate culture I was exposed to, though I'm also made up of Swedish, Dutch, German, and Polish. Maybe it was growing up in the Lutheran church, but my Norwegian roots always seemed the most exciting.

So when I discovered that there was a Norwegian Reality TV show based on the premise of Americans of Norwegian heritage returning to Norway to prove their "Norwegianness", I knew that I had to see this show. My teacher told us that this show, Alt for Norge (meaning "Everything for Norway"), is very popular and is now on it's third season, but sadly it cannot be found on TV in the U.S.  However, industrious youtube users have taken the time to put Season 1 up in 15 minute segments, all of which can be found here. Some highlights of the show include competing like high school graduates in "russ" and rowing a viking boat in an absolutely gorgeous fjord. I can totally relate to the contestants, who may be 1/16 Norwegian, but are drawn to their Viking roots and want nothing more than to win the show so they can meet their Norwegian family (yes, that's the prize).

Below is the "Russ" Episode of Alt for Norge, since I can't even begin to explain the silly tradition. If the embed doesn't show, the link is here -

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