Monday, August 27, 2012

A summer trip home

A trip back home during July or August is becoming something of an annual tradition. It's great to be able to see the family, go camping, and of course escape the terribly uncomfortable DC heat. This past trip was a very short one, just three full days on the ground, but it was packed with outdoor fun by far the best part was spending some time at Sullivan Lake up in the far North-East part of WA state. The lake is surrounded by Forest Service land, which means no cabins, boats, or pollution to spoil the water. Just crystal clear lake to enjoy. After becoming used to east coast crowds and lack of mountains and lakes, this place was a real treat.

Seeing the family, especially my amazing niece and crazy little nephew was very special. One of the hard parts of my new life and career is going to be missing them. After returning from camping, I closed out my whirlwind trip by being the guest speaker at my mom's Daughters of Norway meeting out at another lake. It was my first time talking about my job jn front of non-State audience, but it went really well and I was humbled by their warm reception.

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