Sunday, July 29, 2012

Closing out July

I think I'm finally settling into this new life as a student. It's been nice to put the suits back in the closet as the temperatures rise to nearly 100 degrees everyday. I've been able to figure out how to ride my bike part-way to FSI, so that I can fit in a little exercise. So after so many months of uncertainty, I finally have a routine. But all of this control is deceiving, since preparing to pack up a life and move across the world is anything but normal. Many of my closest friends are here in DC and this place has truly become to feel like home. And I have some very important life realities that I will need to come to terms with in the coming months. Sigh...

But for now I'm putting aside the less fun aspects of moving and focusing my time on enjoying the right now with people I care about. Highlights of the last few weeks have included baseball games, BBQs, birthday parties, staycationing at a fancy hotel, joining a bocce ball league, rooftop drinks, Olympic fever, and summer strolls.

Nationals Baseball

Olympic Fever

Preparing for Screen on the Green (National Mall)

Georgetown Waterfront

A walk with someone special along the C&O Canal

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