Monday, February 13, 2012

A Quick February Update

So much for good intentions of updating multiple times a week, let along a few times a month. I guess when life gets into stasis mode it's hard to find interesting things to write about, and I don't even have many pictures to post because I haven't made it out of DC much in the last month plus. So enjoy an abstract image that I took during many daily walk. However, I now realize that there are probably people out there beyond my friends and family who are reading, looking for insight into the mysterious foreign service process, so now I have some external pressure to keep updating.

I continue to monitor my status on the Foreign Service econ register, which seems to be moving much more quickly than I would have predicted. I've moved up about 10 spots since going on the list back in December, which I assume is due to people expiring off the register as well as the two classes of FSOs that have taken place in the mean time. And while I obviously don't know the inner workings of the system, it seems there are a number of folks expiring off the register and less people being added. Predicted constraints on hiring may be leading to less invitations to the oral exam in the coming months, that trend may continue.

I've also been trying to concentrate on Russian studying, though I think there is a fairly decent chance that I would get called eventually without the language points, but probably not for over a year or so. The great thing is that I'm perfectly happy in my current life and can afford the time to figure a few things out before having to make the final decision on joining the foreign service.

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