Monday, October 24, 2011

30 for 30

Here are 30 things that I would like to do during my 30th year of life, in no particular order:

1. Take a cooking class
2. Visit a new country
3. Run a half-marathon (or a full)
4. See a show at the Kennedy Center
5. Take old timey dress up photos with friends
6. See Plymouth Rock
7. Get a fancy facial
8. Canoe and/or kayak on the Potomac
9. Attend a roller derby
10. Paint my walls
11. Go to a Washington Capitals game
12. See the Constitution at the National Archives
13. Visit a new state
14. Cook a turkey dinner
15. Shoot a gun
16. Get above 10,000 feet (not in an airplane)
17. Do a century bike ride
18. Knit some socks
19. Go sailing on the east coast
20. Be able to have a conversation in Russian
21. Ride a mechanical bull
22. Attend service at the National Cathedral
23. See all the Oscar nominated best pictures (for this year)
24. Score an invite to the Hemingway Bar at the Cuban Special Interest Area ("embassy")
25. Do a yoga hand-stand
26. Attend a Supreme Court hearing
27. Make my own ice cream
28. Get a palm reading from a psychic
29. Be a member of an audience on TV show.
30. Ride a Segway.

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