Sunday, August 7, 2011

Being an adult

In about two months I will be 30 - a big step towards feeling like an actual adult. That's right, a step towards. I feel like I've come a long way since the rickety house that me and my closest Norwegian loving friends first moved into nine years ago (wow - typing that made me feel old) and I'm actually totally fine with turning 30. My 20s are and continue to be absolutely fabulous, and fully expect my 30s to be even better.  However, I got a lot of help along the road to adulthood, and when I came across this list on Apartment Therapy (a highly addictive design, decorating, random stuff blog), I just had to share:

30 things to know about adulthood: 

1. Read the instructions.
2. Youtube has videos for things you need to know.
3. Make sure everything has its place.
4. Keep your car clean.
5. Keep the instructions.
6. Keep good records and a filing system.
7. Clean your house before you go on vacation.
8. If you live alone your trash will smell. Use smaller cans/bags.
9. Deep clean your refrigerator at least every 3 months.
10. Look at your house as if you were a visitor.
11. Use company as motivation to clean.
12. You don't need that many kitchen gadgets.
13. The less you have the less you have to put away.
14. Don't spend more than you make.
15. Learn to repair things yourself.
16. Don't be afraid to call a professional.
17. Your credit is forever. Don't screw it up.
18. Stick to basic cleaning supplies.
19. Document any serial number on items you'd want back if stolen.
20. Take care of your stuff and it will last.
21. Save money every month, even if it's just $5.
22. Don't start activity B until you've cleaned up after A.
23. Entertain often and find great friends.
24. Nothing improves in storage.
25. True friends don't care if your house is messy. Invite them anyway.
26. Invest in a decent shredder.
27. Keep stuff off the floor.
28. Once in a lifetime deals usually aren't.
29. Keep track of your immunization records.
30. Stuff will always work out. Don't stress.

I definitely have to agree with numbers 2, 7, 23, and 30. For example, from youtube I learned how to polish the antique brass mortar and pistal that came over from India. And having traveled my fair share these past years, I can attest to returning to a clean apartment (the suitcase full of dirty laundry is usually enough). As for entertaining, I really can't imagine what I would do without my close friends, who are always willing to try some new recipe that I've been wanting to try.  And finally, the last one is often repeated to me (and by me to myself). Things will absolutely work out, even if I don't know what that will look like in the end.

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