Friday, July 29, 2011

Two years

C&O Canal in Georgetown
My transition from life in Washington State to my life in Washington D.C. took place over a few crazy weeks of weddings, packing, and several cross-country flights roughly two years ago. I don't really have an anniversary date, though I started work on August 2nd, which I only know because this is now the date that determines all sorts of fun things like promotions and retirement eligibility.

Two years is about the amount of time that I spend anywhere before I start to get restless. In truth, it is the upper limit. Since graduating high school and heading off to college, my longest period of residence was those 4 years of undergrad. Though it can hardly be called settled since I was constantly changing dorms, houses, jobs, and taking off for short-term study abroad trips or impromptu Thanksgivings spent in foreign countries. The odd thing is that my most stable address over the past 12 years has been my tin-roofed shack in Blue Creek, Belize, where I happily spent a solid 24 months in a single 12' x 18' room.


So far my two years here in DC have involved 3 different addresses, with my current abode offering plenty of promise as a great place to settle down for a few years. That is, if I can manage to stay in one city/country for that amount of time. So even as a I start to get restless and plot my next grand adventure, I will remain grateful to have landed here in D.C., where friends, work, and home are all extremely inspiring. So the question is, where will I be in two more years??

...and now. 

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