Monday, February 8, 2010

Snoverkill in the Capital

I lived in Minnesota for exactly 12 months and saw lots of cold days and fishing houses perched on frozen lakes (even in downtown Minneapolis). But, despite my purchase of cross-country skis and lessons, the one thing that I didn't see during my stint in the Midwest was a whole lot of snow. As luck would have it, my year there was an oddly dry one, with just a few small storms that didn't leave the ground covered for more than a couple of weeks total.

I guess that winter of lost Minnesota weather has finally caught up with me here south of the Mason-Dixon, as I sit confined to my cozy little apartment for the fifth day in a row. I walked around for a little bit yesterday, between this past weekend's dump of snow and last night's very real blizzard. There were a few people wandering around, looking a little dazed, but generally delighted by the sight. Mostly they were heading to the few bars that were open, clad in boots and thick coats, completely removed from the usual business attire that dominates the DC bar culture.

Feet upon feet of snow was piled, shoved, or just compacted by pedestrians, turning cars into pillows resting along side the human-made paths over sidewalks and streets. Just venturing outside at this point feels like an accomplishment, and those are able to do so with a smile on their face feel a bond with their fellow citizens. Today I would usually be at work, but the Federal Government has wisely called a snow day for the third straight day, with tomorrow looking likely to be number four. I'm not going complain about a paid vacation at home, with plenty of food, warmth, and internet, but getting back to my routine will be a relief. Enjoy the video below as proof that even bureaucrats can have fun when work and routine are disrupted:

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